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Hiring a High Rise Window Cleaner

Window Cleaning Service
Window Cleaning Service

Hiring a High Rise Window Cleaner

Cleaning windows in high-rise buildings takes specialized equipment. It also requires a bit of risk to get the job done right. Janitorial jobs often get discounted as low-wage labor work, but window washing is not an easy job. It does pose a degree of risk and safety is a big concern.


High rise window cleaner work at great heights and the job can be dangerous if proper safety measures are not taken. A lot of specialized equipment is needed, including ladders, water fed poles, and power lifts.

Besides cleaning, high rise window cleaners are often required to make minor repairs on the building facade and window casings. They also check the buildings for other problems such as fading paint or rusty metal.

High Rise Window Cleaner

High Rise Window Cleaner

The weather is another major factor that can affect the window cleaning project. Strong winds may slow down the cleaning process and create stability issues for suspended platforms or scaffolding. It can also cause the windows to become dirtier due to rain and windblown debris.

Despite the risks, window cleaning high rises is still considered one of the safest jobs around. Statistically speaking, only one high rise window cleaner has died per year for the last decade. That’s a significant improvement compared to the 1920’s when one high rise window cleaner was killed every week!


A building’s windows must be cleaned regularly to keep them clean and looking their best. A professional window cleaning company can do this quickly and efficiently while adhering to all safety measures.

Window washers have to contend with a variety of weather conditions when they work on high-rise buildings. Rain, wind and snow can all impact their ability to climb and work on the windows. They also have to be aware of electrical hazards to ensure they do not come within 10 feet of any exposed outlets, power lines or supply devices.

Hiring a professional window cleaner that follows all the proper safety precautions can reduce the risk of workplace accidents significantly. Moreover, this can help building managers save on expenses. It is crucial to check rates and services of different high rise window washing companies before hiring one. This will ensure that the company is a good fit for your specific building needs. It will also ensure that the workers are competent and experienced.


Window cleaning can be a time-consuming task depending on the scope of work. However, there are some flexibility measures that can be taken to reduce the duration of a job. For example, a company can split the building’s windows into smaller sections and clean them in stages. This can reduce the total cleaning time and allow for more efficient scheduling.

Another way to increase flexibility is by using a movable platform. This platform provides a window cleaner with a stable base while they are working. It is also safer than other access methods, such as a suspended scaffolding platform.

A professional high rise window cleaner will follow the necessary safety procedures during their work. This is important because window washing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. The right high rise window cleaner will be able to assess the risks and hazards of the job, as well as ensure that all anchor points are tested regularly.

High Rise Window Cleaner

High Rise Window Cleaner


High rise window cleaners are well aware of the risks of their jobs, and they take the necessary precautions to protect themselves. Despite this, it is still a dangerous job and there are several reported incidents of window washers getting injured or even killed every year. Fortunately, these incidents are rare.

For example, a professional high-rise window cleaner will use a movable cleaning platform to get to the windows they are cleaning. This platform is attached to a safety harness that hooks to the building. This way, if the platform falls or a worker is knocked off by wind or debris, they will not fall off the side of the building.

Other precautions that high-rise window cleaners may take include wearing protective clothing and using a cleaning solution that is safe for the environment. They also check the building envelope and facade for signs of wear-and-tear that might need attention. They may even perform minimal facade repairs if needed.

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