Why You Should Hire a Professional to Install Christmas Lights Connor Devine October 24, 2023

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Install Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Install Christmas Lights

It’s no secret that the holiday season is crazy busy. Between shopping for gifts, planning dinner parties and ensuring your kiddo gets their hands on the hottest toy before it’s sold out, your holiday to-do list can be overwhelming. Hiring a professional to install Christmas lights will cross one big task off your list and make the season more manageable. But why should you hire a professional?


Professional Christmas light installers have experience in designing and installing lighting displays that make homes look like fairy-tales. They know the proper wattage to use for each space and can help you achieve a stunning display that will wow the neighbors.

They also have the knowledge and safety regulations to ensure that your lights are safe throughout the season. This is important because tangled or frayed strands of lights can be fire hazards.

Install Christmas Lights

Install Christmas Lights

Another benefit of hiring a professional is that they can remove your lights once the holiday season is over. This saves you time and hassle, and it allows you to focus on other tasks. Plus, it frees up storage space in your garage or shed. And, since professionals have plenty of experience, they can do the job quickly and efficiently.

Save Time

They’ll form your design, secure the lights to your home and landscaping, and check that the necessary electrical components are in place. If you’re using permanent lights, they’ll also set them up, remove them, and sometimes include maintenance throughout the time frame that they’re on display.

Hiring a professional to hang Christmas lights saves you time, and helps you avoid potential accidents. It’s also a great option for those who are physically unable to hang the lights themselves. This includes anyone who has a physical disability or a chronic health condition that makes climbing a ladder dangerous.

Save Money

It’s hard to calculate how much a professional light installation costs, as it depends on the scope of the project and other factors. However, homeowners should know that it’s often cheaper to hire a pro than to buy and install their own lights.

A professional can help homeowners avoid over-loading their home’s electrical system by ensuring each strand has the correct amperage and placing them in the most appropriate areas of the home. This saves on costly repairs and replacements.

Many professionals also offer post-season maintenance and removal, which could save homeowners money in the long run. This includes repairing damaged bulbs and ensuring each display is working correctly. They can even install smart lighting, which allows the lights to turn on and off at certain times, avoiding overuse.

Install Christmas Lights

Install Christmas Lights

Save Space

There’s nothing more magical than a home decked out in colorful lights, but putting up Christmas lights isn’t always the easiest task. Depending on your physical limitations, you might want to leave the job to professionals who have the experience and tools necessary to make creative light arrangements come to life.

To save space, professional light installers use plastic clips to secure strands along the roofline, walkways, railings, and other areas requiring illumination. They also have a tape measure on hand to accurately determine how many and what lengths of light strands will be needed.

After the holidays, professionals can store your bulky lights to free up valuable storage space in your shed or garage. They can also ensure your strands are properly untangled for next year.

Avoid Mistakes

Installing Christmas lights can be tricky. Mistakes can be costly. For example, rushing the job can result in damaged or unattractive lighting. It can also lead to electrical problems and even fires.

A professional will complete the installation properly and ensure all the lights are working. This can save homeowners from the stress of having to repair or replace faulty bulbs.

It is important to communicate with the light installer about what you’re looking for. This will help them better understand your vision and how to best accomplish it. It will also help them avoid misunderstandings and potential mistakes.

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