Benefits of Contracting a Window Cleaning Company Connor Devine April 15, 2023

Benefits of Contracting a Window Cleaning Company

Window Cleaners
Window Cleaners

Benefits of Contracting a Window Cleaning Company

One of the biggest Benefits of contracting a window cleaning company is that it saves you money. Purchasing equipment, cleaning solutions and the training to do it yourself is expensive.

It’s also dangerous. Many window cleaners are injured doing their job, especially when it comes to hard-to-reach windows or those on tall buildings. A good window cleaning company will have insurance and bonding.

Saves You Time

Choosing the right business entity is one of the first important steps for any window cleaning business. The type you choose will affect your tax status, legal protection and how much paperwork you need to deal with.

Window Cleaning Company

Window Cleaning Company

Then there are the administration tasks – health and safety documents have to be completed, quotes have to be issued and invoices followed up – that could take days of your time. Missing appointments or losing track of invoices will impact your reputation and cash flow.

Hiring a virtual receptionist / office manager to manage your calls, emails and book appointments will help to save you even more time. It will also free you up to focus on marketing your window cleaning business and closing new clients – the most important aspects of growing your company. This is a time-saving option that will pay for itself over and over again. It will also reduce your stress levels and allow you to enjoy the rest of your day without worrying about admin.

Saves You Money

The business of window cleaning has low start-up costs and can be profitable for those that work hard. It also offers great flexibility and allows employees to schedule their work hours around the weather. However, the profits are not enough to make it a viable career.

It’s important to carry workers’ compensation and general liability insurance to cover accidents that occur while working at heights. Purchasing these insurances helps save money for the window washing company and can show clients that they are a legitimate, trustworthy business. In addition, an employer identification number (EIN) is helpful for tax purposes. It also reduces legal risks when hiring employees.

Saves You Energy

A reputable window cleaning company will use cutting-edge cleaning equipment and professional-grade cleaning solutions designed to deliver high-quality results. They will also have the tools needed to reach hard-to-reach places, like ladders or water-fed pole systems, industrial-strength detergents, scrapers, and more.

Keeping windows clean helps companies attract and retain customers by making their buildings look more inviting, and it encourages employees to work productively in a bright and clean environment. Moreover, the clean reflective surfaces allow more natural light to filter through, which can have a positive impact on occupants’ mental health and productivity.

Window Cleaning Company

Window Cleaning Company

Saves You Stress

Whether it’s invoicing, appointment reminders, or text quotes – a well-organized window cleaning business will do a great job at keeping the lines of communication open. This will build trusting service relationships that will keep clients coming back and refer their services to friends and family.

Ask your prospective window cleaner if they have insurance, and ask them to provide proof of this insurance. They should have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance in case they accidentally damage something in your home or business.

Moreover, a good window cleaning company will use green cleaning products to clean your windows, which means you won’t be exposed to chemicals that can cause health issues. This way, you can safely enjoy your freshly cleaned windows with a clear mind. A good window cleaning company will also be able to identify and fix small issues such as clogged channels or painted sashes that may spell disaster during an emergency situation like a fire.

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